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SPARC M8 and SPARC M7 Servers Service Manual

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Updated: September 2017

CMIOU Configurations (SPARC M7-16)

A SPARC M7-16 server is divided into four DCUs that have two through four CMIOUs each. CMIOUs CMIOU8CMIOU15 are in the top CMIOU chassis, and CMIOUs CMIOU0CMIOU7 are in the bottom CMIOU chassis.

The following configurations are supported on a SPARC M7-16 server.

  • CMIOU_0 and CMIOU_1 in PDomain_0,

    CMIOU_4 and CMIOU_5 in PDomain_1,

    CMIOU_8 and CMIOU_9 in PDomain_2, and

    CMIOU_12 and CMIOU_13 in PDomain_3

  • CMIOU_0CMIOU_3 in PDomain_0,

    CMIOU_4CMIOU_6 in PDomain_1,

    CMIOU_8CMIOU_10 in PDomain_2, and

    CMIOU_12CMIOU_14 in PDomain_3

  • CMIOU_0CMIOU_3 in PDomain_0,

    CMIOU_4CMIOU_7 in PDomain_1,

    CMIOU_8CMIOU_11 in PDomain_2, and

    CMIOU_12CMIOU_15 in PDomain_3

Note -  The SPARC M7-16 server does not support SPARC M8 CMIOUs. See Mixed CMIOU Configurations for more information.

For information about the PCIe slots that are available in each of these configurations, see Understanding PCIe Card Device and Service Paths.


Caution  -  To prevent overheating, fill unused CMIOU slots with CMIOU filler panels.

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