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SPARC M8 and SPARC M7 Servers Service Manual

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Updated: September 2017

CMIOU Configurations (SPARC M8-8 and SPARC M7-8 With Two PDomains)

Each PDomain in a SPARC M8-8 and SPARC M7-8 server that is configured with two static PDomains can consist of up to four of the eight CMIOUs in the chassis.

The following configurations are supported on a SPARC M8-8 and SPARC M7-8 server that has two PDomains.

  • CMIOU_0 and CMIOU_1 in PDomain_0 and

    CMIOU_4 and CMIOU_5 in PDomain_1

  • CMIOU_0CMIOU_2 in PDomain_0 and

    CMIOU_4CMIOU_6 in PDomain_1

  • CMIOU_0CMIOU_3 in PDomain_0 and

    CMIOU_4CMIOU_7 in PDomain_1

Note -  The SPARC M7-8 server with two PDomains is the only SPARC M7 server that can support SPARC M8 CMIOUs. SPARC M8 CMIOUs are supported in PDomain_1 (CMIOU_4 to CMIOU_7) of the SPARC M7-8 server with two PDomains. SPARC M8 CMIOUs are not supported in PDomain_0 (CMIOU_0 to CMIOU_3). SPARC M7 CMIOUs are not supported in SPARC M8-8 servers. See Mixed CMIOU Configurations for more information.

For information about the PCIe slots that are available in each of these configurations, see Understanding PCIe Card Device and Service Paths.


Caution  -  To prevent overheating, fill unused CMIOU slots with CMIOU filler panels.

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