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SPARC M8 and SPARC M7 Servers Service Manual

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Updated: September 2017

Unseat or Remove an SP Tray

This procedure can be performed only by qualified service personnel.


Caution  -  Remove AC power using the circuit breakers on the appropriate PDU before performing this procedure.

You must unseat an SP tray before you can remove the interconnects and before you can remove the SP tray.

  1. Take the necessary ESD precautions.

    See Prevent ESD Damage.

  2. Locate the SP tray in the server.

    See CMIOU Chassis Rear Components or Switch Chassis Rear Components (SPARC M7-16).

  3. Power off the server and switch off the appropriate PDU circuit breakers.

    See Removing Power From the Server or Domain.

  4. Label and disconnect the cables attached to the NET MGT and SER MGT ports.

    See CMIOU Chassis Rear Components, Switch Chassis Rear Components (SPARC M7-16), and SER MGT and NET MGT Port Locations and Numbering.

  5. Remove the SPs to gain access to the SP tray ejector locking latches.

    See Servicing SPs.

  6. Press the ejector latches to release the SP tray.

    Using a flat-blade screwdriver, press up on the small metal latch inside the recess of the tray to release the tray from the chassis. Repeat this step for the second latch.

    image:Illustration that shows how to release the SP tray.
  7. Unseat the SP tray.
    image:Illustration that shows how to unseat the SP tray.
    1. Disengage the SP tray (panel 1).

      Open and squeeze the ejector latches together.

    2. Carefully slide the tray out towards you and press the levers back together, toward the center of the SP tray (panel 2).

      This will keep the levers from getting damaged while you are servicing the server.

  8. Determine your next step.
    1. If you are removing the SP tray, pull the ejector latches out and slide the SP tray completely out of the server.
    2. If you are unseating the SP tray to service another component, refer to the service procedures for the component.
      Interconnect assemblies

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