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SPARC M8 and SPARC M7 Servers Service Manual

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Updated: September 2017

Servicing Power Supplies

A CMIOU chassis contains six power supplies. For the location of these power supplies, see CMIOU Chassis Front Components.

A switch chassis contains four power supplies (SPARC M7-16). For the location of these power supplies, see Switch Chassis Front Components (SPARC M7-16).

Note -  To ensure that the server is properly cooled, the switch chassis must have at least three working power supplies. If power is removed from one of the power grids for the server, which effectively removes power from two of the power supplies in the switch chassis, the remaining two active power supplies will provide power to all four power supply fans in the chassis.

The power supplies are 2N redundant. In the event that a power supply fails in either chassis, the system can operate with only three power supplies in the switch chassis or five power supplies in the CMIOU chassis.

There are no restrictions into which slots the power supplies have to be installed. You can install them in any of the power supply slots.


Caution  -  The SPARC M8-8 server includes power supplies that are not compatible with the SPARC M7 servers. Never install a SPARC M8 power supply in a SPARC M7 server, and never install a SPARC M7 power supply in the SPARC M8-8 server. The SPARC M8 power supplies include three shims installed on one side of the power supply (see Remove the Power Supply Shims (SPARC M8)).

These topics explain how to service the power supplies in the server.

Learn about the power supply LEDs.
Remove the power supply.
For SPARC M8 power supplies only, move shims from faulty power supply to replacement power supply
Install the power supply

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