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SPARC M8 and SPARC M7 Servers Service Manual

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Updated: September 2017

DIMM Names

DIMMs follow the naming convention /SYS/CMIOUx/CM/CMP/BOByw/CHz/DIMM with the following values:

  • CMIOU number:

    • SPARC M8-8, where x is 0 to 7

    • SPARC M7-8, where x is 0 to 7

    • SPARC M7-16, where x is 0 to 15

  • Buffer chip (BOB) number (where y is 0 to 3 and w is 0 or 1)

  • DDR channel (CH) number (where z is 0 or 1)

This information is useful when servicing DIMMs and when assessing error messages. For example, the following output identifies faulty DIMMs on two different SPARC M7 CMIOUs.

2013-09-06/17:16:20 ereport.hc.dev_fault@/SYS/CMIOU1/CM/CMP/BOB11/CH1/DIMM
2013-09-06/17:16:20 ereport.hc.dev_fault@/SYS/CMIOU3/CM/CMP/BOB01/CH0/DIMM