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SPARC M8 and SPARC M7 Servers Service Manual

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Updated: September 2017

Identify Disabled Components

You can run the show disabled command from the Oracle ILOM prompt to identify components that have been disabled either intentionally, by a user, or because of a fault.

  1. To identify disabled components, at the Oracle ILOM prompt type:
    -> show disabled
    Target                             | Property       | Value
    /SYS/CMIOU0/CM/CMP/BOB31/CH0/DIMM  | disable_reason | Configuration Rules
  2. For additional information about a disabled component, type the show - t command and the Oracle ILOM target name:
    -> show -t /SYS/CMIOU0/CM/CMP/BOB31/CH0/DIMM
    Target                             | Property               | Value
    /SYS/CMIOU0/CM/CMP/BOB31/CH0/DIMM  | type                   | DIMM
    /SYS/CMIOU0/CM/CMP/BOB31/CH0/DIMM  | requested_config_state | Enabled
    /SYS/CMIOU0/CM/CMP/BOB31/CH0/DIMM  | current_config_state   | Disabled
    /SYS/CMIOU0/CM/CMP/BOB31/CH0/DIMM  | disable_reason         | Configuration Rules
    /SYS/CMIOU0/CM/CMP/BOB31/CH0/DIMM  | fru_name               | 16384MB DDR4 SDRAM DIMM

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