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SPARC M8 and SPARC M7 Servers Service Manual

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Updated: September 2017

Remove a Switch Unit

This procedure can be performed by a customer while the server is running.


Caution  -  This procedure requires that you handle components that are sensitive to electrostatic discharge. This discharge can cause server components to fail. When you unpack the replacement part, open the package on a grounded antistatic mat. Always use an antistatic wrist strap for hardware replacements.

Note -  The switch unit replacement kit includes plastic covers to protect switch unit connectors. Return these covers to Oracle.
  1. Prepare the switch unit for removal.

    See Prepare a Switch Unit for Removal.

  2. Locate the switch unit in the server.

    See Switch Unit LEDs.

  3. Verify that the switch unit is ready to remove using one of the following methods:
    • Verify that the blue Ready to Remove light on the switch is on.

      See Switch Unit LEDs.

    • From Oracle ILOM, type:
      # show /System/Other_Removable_Devices/Scalability_Switch_Boards/
         Scalability_Switch_Board_x health
            health = Offline
  4. Remove the fan modules from the switch unit for installation in the replacement switch unit.

    See Remove a Fan Module (Switch Chassis).

  5. Unseat the switch unit.

    See Unseat a Switch Unit.

    This protects the levers from damage when you pull the switch out.

  6. Carefully slide the switch unit out of the server to avoid bumping the rear connectors.
  7. Place the switch unit on a large grounded antistatic mat.

    See Prevent ESD Damage.

    Install the plastic covers that you removed from the connectors on the new switch unit on the connectors of the switch unit you are replacing.

  8. If you removed a switch unit to service a PDECB, see Servicing PDECBs.

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