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SPARC M8 and SPARC M7 Servers Service Manual

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Updated: September 2017

Rear Indicator Panel Controls and LEDs

On SPARC M8-8 and SPARC M7-8 servers, the rear indicator panel is located on the CMIOU chassis. On the SPARC M7-16 server, rear indicator panels are located on both CMIOU chassis and on the switch chassis.

The front and rear indicator panel LEDs are always in sync. For example, if the green OK LED is lit on the front indicator panel, the OK LED will also be lit on the rear indicator panel.

image:Figure that shows the rear indicator panel.
Icon or Label
Locator LED and button (white)
image:Icon for the Locator Button/LED
You can turn on the Locator LED to identify a particular server. When lit, the LED blinks rapidly. Turn on the Locator LED by pressing the Locator button, or, in Oracle ILOM, type:
set /System locator_indicator=on
All lights on test: Press the Locate button three times within two seconds to test the functionality of the front and rear panel LEDs as well as other server LEDs under Oracle ILOM control. The LEDs will light for 15 seconds and then return to normal operation.

Note -  Component LEDs that are not under Oracle ILOM control will not light up during this test.

Service Required LED (amber)
image:Icon for the Service Required LED
The fmadm faulty command provides details about any faults that cause this indicator to light. See Identify Faulted Components.
Under most fault conditions, individual component LEDs are lit in addition to the System Service Action Required indicator.
OK LED (green)
image:Icon for the OK LED
Indicates these conditions:
  • Off – No AC power is present. Power might be off.

  • Steady on – Server is powered on and is running in its normal operating state.

  • Short blink every three seconds – Server is running in Standby mode and can be quickly returned to full function.

  • Slow blink – A normal but transitory activity is taking place. Slow blinking might indicate that system diagnostics are running or that the system is booting.

Indicates these conditions:
  • Off – No AC power is present. For example, the PDUs are not switched or the facility power grid circuit breakers are switched off.

  • Steady on green – One or both of the SPs have initialized and can be accessed through the Oracle ILOM CLI or web interface.

  • Blink green – SPs are initializing the Oracle ILOM firmware.

System Overtemp LED (amber)
image:Icon for the Overtemp LED
Indicates these conditions:
  • Off – Indicates a steady state, no service action is required.

  • Steady on – Indicates that a temperature failure event has been acknowledged and a service action is required.

CMIOU chassis (top; SPARC M7-16): AC 15 through AC 10
Switch chassis (SPARC M7-16): AC 9 through AC 6
CMIOU chassis (bottom): AC 5 through AC 0
These LEDs light only after the SP LED turns green and indicate these conditions:
  • Off – No AC power is applied to the indicated power supplies.

  • Green – AC power is applied to the indicated power supplies.

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