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SPARC M8 and SPARC M7 Servers Service Manual

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Updated: September 2017

Remove a CMIOU Chassis

This is procedure can be performed only by qualified service personnel. Remove AC power using the circuit breakers on the appropriate PDU before performing this procedure.

  1. Take the necessary ESD precautions.

    See Prevent ESD Damage.

  2. Power off the server and switch off the appropriate PDU circuit breakers.

    See Removing Power From the Server or Domain.

  3. At the front of the server, remove the power supplies.

    See Servicing Power Supplies.

  4. At the rear of the server, remove all of these components.
    Ensure that you label the cables.
    SP tray
    Fan modules (SPARC M7-16)
    Switch units (SPARC M7-16)
    Power modules


    Caution  -  Do not attempt to remove the chassis alone without the aide of another person or a mechanical lift.

  5. At the front of the server, remove all of these components:
    Servicing Internal Interconnect Assemblies (SPARC M8-8 and SPARC M7-8)
    Fan modules
  6. From the rear of the chassis, remove the top hold-down brackets.
    image:Illustration that shows how to remove the CMIOU hold down                             brackets.
  7. From the front of the server, stabilize the rack using all anti-tilt mechanisms provided.

    The following steps describe how to stabilize the Sun Rack II 1242 and the Oracle Rack Cabinet 1242. If you installed a stand-alone server in your own rack, refer to the rack documentation for instructions on stabilizing the rack.

    • On a Sun Rack II, deploy the anti-tilt legs.
      image:Illustration that shows how to deploy the anti-tilt                                     legs.
      1. Pull the pin to release the anti-tilt leg while pulling the leg from the bottom (panel 1).
      2. Loosen the leveling foot until it makes solid contact with the ground (panel 2).
      3. Repeat these steps for the second leg.

        Both legs must be deployed.

    • On an Oracle Rack Cabinet 1242, extend the anti-tilt bar.

      Refer to the label inside the rack for instructions on extending the anti-tilt bar.

      1. Pull the anti-tilt bar out of the rack to the fully extended position.
        image:Figure showing how to extend the anti-tilt                                             bar.
      2. Rotate the foot of the ant-tilt bar so that it is perpendicular to the floor.

        Adjust the height of the foot so that it rests securely on the floor.

        image:Figure showing how to secure the anti-tilt bar's                                             foot on the floor.
  8. Determine your next step:
    • If you have another person to assist you, go to Step 10.
    • If you are alone, go to Step 9.
  9. Place a mechanical lift under the chassis, and remove the screws that fasten it to the rack.
  10. Remove the chassis from the rack, and place it on an appropriate surface.

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