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SPARC M8 and SPARC M7 Servers Service Manual

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Updated: September 2017

Unseat a CMIOU

Complete the following steps before you unseat or remove a CMIOU.


Caution  -  This procedure requires that you handle components that are sensitive to electrostatic discharge. This discharge can cause server components to fail. Always use an antistatic wrist strap.

  1. Prepare the CMIOU for removal.

    See Prepare a CMIOU for Removal.

  2. Verify that the blue Ready to Remove light on the CMIOU is on.

    See CMIOU Indicators and LEDs.

  3. Unseat the CMIOU.
    image:Illustration that shows how to unseat a CMIOU.
    1. Pinch the latches on the backs of each ejector arms (panel 1).
    2. Pull the ejector arms toward you to disengage the CMIOU connectors from the server (panel 2).
    3. Grasp the ejector arms as close to the CMIOU as possible and pull the CMIOU one-third to halfway out of the server (panel 3).

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