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SPARC M8 and SPARC M7 Servers Service Manual

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Updated: September 2017

Prepare to Remove an SPP (SPARC M7-16)

SPARC M7-16 servers have two SPPs in each CMIOU chassis and two SPs in the switch chassis. SPPs have two service processor modules each. SPs have one SPM each. This procedure explains how to remove an SPP.

For information about preparing SPs in the switch chassis for removal, see Prepare to Remove an SP.

Note -  If you issue the prepare_to_remove command for an SPM, you must also prepare the SPP for removal. You must then return the SPP to service for the SPM to restart. This automatically happens when an SPP is physically removed and installed into the slot, but if you do not physically install an SPP into the slot, you must issue the return_to_service command for the SPP. See Return a Component to Service.

To achieve redundancy, each SPM (SPM0 and SPM1) on an SPP is assigned to a different DCU. SPM0 on each SPP manages one DCU in the CMIOU chassis, while SPM1 on each SPP manages the other DCU in the chassis.

Object Managed by SPM Pair
SPM or SPM Pair

Before you remove an SPP, you must ensure that neither of the SPMs on the SPP are the DCU SPP (the SPP that manages DCU activity).

  1. Determine which SPP requires service.

    See Identify Faulted Components and SP General Status LEDs.

  2. Ensure that the SPMs on the SPP that you are removing are not managing hardware.

    This example shows how to check the state of both SPMs on SPP2. See Oracle ILOM Paths for SPMs.

    -> show /System/Other_Removable_Devices/Proxy_Service_Processors/
        Proxy_Service_Processor_2/Service_Processor_Module_0 state_sp
        state_sp = OffDuty 
    -> show /System/Other_Removable_Devices/Proxy_Service_Processors/
        Proxy_Service_Processor_2/Service_Processor_Module_1 state_sp
        state_sp = OffDuty 

    If the state reports OffDuty, neither of the SPMs on SPP2 are managing a DCU. Move to Step 4.

    If the state reports Running, you must change the DCU PDomain assignment. For example, if you want to remove SPP2 and it is currently running, you need to ensure that DCU2 is managed by /SYS/SPP3/SPM0 and that DCU3 is managed by /SYS/SPP3/SPM1. See Change Which SPP Is Managing DCU Activity (SPARC M7-16).

  3. Determine your next step based on your server Oracle ILOM version.

    SPARC M8-8 and SPARC M7 servers running Oracle ILOM version 4.0.x do not require you to prepare the SPM for removal or verify that the SPMs and PCIe devices are offline.

    Note -  Always update your system firmware to latest available and supported version for optimal performance, security, and stability.
    • For servers running Oracle ILOM version 4.0.x, or a future supported version, go to Step 6.
    • For servers running Oracle ILOM version 3.2.x, continue to Step 7.
  4. (Oracle ILOM 3.2.x only) Prepare each SPM for removal.
    -> set /System/Other_Removable_Devices/Proxy_Service_Processors/
    -> set /System/Other_Removable_Devices/Proxy_Service_Processors/

    This command can take several minutes to complete.

  5. (Oracle ILOM 3.2.x only) Verify that the SPP is ready to remove by verifying that its SPMs have stopped.

    It can take up to two minutes for the SPMs to go offline. Once they are offline, you can prepare the SPP for removal.

    -> show /System/Other_Removable_Devices/Proxy_Service_Processors/
       Proxy_Service_Processor_2/Service_Processor_Module_0 health
         health = Offline
    -> show /System/Other_Removable_Devices/Proxy_Service_Processors/
       Proxy_Service_Processor_2/Service_Processor_Module_1 health
         health = Offline
  6. (Oracle ILOM 3.2.x only) After ensuring that the SPM has been taken offline, wait a couple of minutes and then verify that the PCIe devices have been taken offline.
    -> show /System/Other_Removable_Devices/Proxy_Service_Processors/
        Proxy_Service_Processor_2/Service_Processor_Module_0 state_pcie
          state_pcie = Offline

    If state_pcie returns a value of Online, log onto the host and take the card offline for the appropriate SP/SPM slot. See Change Which SPP Is Managing DCU Activity (SPARC M7-16).

  7. Prepare the SPP for removal.
    -> set /System/Other_Removable_Devices/Proxy_Service_Processors/
       Proxy_Service_Processor_2 action=prepare_to_remove

    This command powers off the SPP and turns on the blue Ready to Remove LED on the SPP.

  8. Verify that the SPP is ready for removal.
    -> show /System/Other_Removable_Devices/Proxy_Service_Processors/
       Proxy_Service_Processor_2 health
         health = Offline

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