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SPARC M8 and SPARC M7 Servers Service Manual

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Updated: September 2017

Remove a CMIOU

This is procedure can be performed while the server is running.


Caution  -  This procedure requires that you handle components that are sensitive to electrostatic discharge. This discharge can cause server components to fail. When you unpack the replacement part, open the package on a grounded antistatic mat. Always use an antistatic wrist strap for hardware replacements.

Note -  The CMIOU replacement kit includes a plastic cover to protect CMIOU connectors. Install the connector cover on the CMIOU that you return to Oracle.
  1. Ensure that you have prepared the CMIOU for removal.

    See Prepare a CMIOU for Removal.

  2. Unseat the CMIOU.

    See Unseat a CMIOU.

  3. Remove the CMIOU from the server.
    image:Illustration that shows how to remove a CMIOU that has already been                             unseated.
    1. Fold the ejector arms back together, toward the center of the CMIOU, until they latch into place (panel 1).

      This protects the levers from damage when you pull the CMIOU out.

    2. Carefully remove the CMIOU from the server, using two hands, and avoid bumping the rear connectors (panel 2), and place the CMIOU on a grounded antistatic mat.


      Caution  -  The rear of the unit is heavy. The CMIOU weighs 25 lbs (11.3 kg). Use two hands to remove the CMIOU from the chassis.

  4. Install the plastic cover that you removed from the connectors on the new CMIOU on the connectors of the CMIOU you are replacing.

    Ensure that the connector cover is fully engaged and centered over the connectors.

  5. If you are replacing DIMMs, an eUSB disk, or a faulty CMIOU (which involves removing DIMMS for installation in the new CMIOU), remove the CMIOU top cover.

    Do not remove the top cover if you are removing a CMIOU to access another component for service.

    Press down on the green button at the top of the cover to disengage the cover from the CMIOU. While pressing the button, grasp the rear edge of the cover and slide it toward the rear of the CMIOU until it stops. Lift the cover off.

  6. Determine your next step.
    1. If you are replacing a faulty CMIOU, remove all of the DIMMs and PCIe carriers (including any installed PCIe cards) and transfer them to the new CMIOU.

      See Servicing DIMMs and Servicing PCIe Cards.

      Note -  If the faulty CMIOU is the only CMIOU in a logical domain guest that uses iSCSI over IPoIB for booting, and the eUSB disk is the only disk in the boot pool, remove the eUSB disk so you can reinstall it in the new CMIOU. See Remove an eUSB Disk.
    2. If you are replacing faulty DIMMs, see Servicing DIMMs.
    3. If you are removing a CMIOU in preparation for the replacement of another component, refer to the related replacement procedure.
      PCIe carriers and PCIe cards
      eUSB disks

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