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SPARC M8 and SPARC M7 Servers Service Manual

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Updated: September 2017

Remove the Power Supply Shims (SPARC M8)

A SPARC M8 server power supply contains three shims along its side to enable it to fit correctly an power supply chassis bay. When replacing a SPARC M8 server power supply, you must remove these three shims from the faulty power supply and install them on the replacement power supply. Otherwise, the SPARC M8 power supply will not seat correctly in the chassis bay.

  1. Place the faulty SPARC M8 power supply on a grounded antistatic mat.

    A SPARC M8 power supply with have three shims installed on one of its sides. Ensure that the three shims face upward on the mat.

    image:Figure showing a SPARC M7 and SPARC M8 power supply.
    SPARC M7 power supply
    SPARC M8 power supply
  2. Using a T8 driver, remove the M3 screw from each shim. (One M3 screw secures each shim to the power supply.)

    Save these screws in a safe location.

    image:Figure showing how to remove the screws securing the shims to the                             SPARC M8 power supply.
  3. Remove the shims from the side of the power supply.

    Place these shims in a safe location.

  4. Install the shims on the replacement power supply.

    Continue to Install the Power Supply Shims (SPARC M8).

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