The properties files read by Nucleus must conform to a format that is recognized by the class java.util.Properties, as described in the following sections.

Properties files created by the ATG Control Center automatically use the correct format. The ATG Control Center also checks whether a property value you enter is valid for the property’s data type. The Components editor presents array type properties in a table, with a separate row for each property value entry, so you do not need to continue lines with backslashes .

Note: Nucleus-specific properties are prefixed by the $ character. See Special $ Properties.

Single-line Property Settings

A property setting must use one of the following formats:

A property value can span multiple lines if each line is terminated by a backslash (\) character. For example:

        Los Angeles

This is equivalent to targetCities=Detroit,Chicago,Los Angeles (white space at the beginning of lines is ignored).

White Space

White space that follows the property value is treated as part of the property value.

White space is ignored in the following cases:

Special Characters

Certain characters and strings are given special treatment, as described in the following table.


If placed at the beginning of a line, comments out the line.


Newline character


Carriage return




Inserts a backslash character. For example:



Prefixes a UNICODE character—for example, \u002c