Oracle ATG Web Commerce comes with a host of classes that can be used as Nucleus components. Because these classes provide functionality that is generally useful across many applications, these classes are often called services. This chapter outlines the different services that are available in Oracle ATG Web Commerce.

Like all Nucleus components, these classes are created and configured through configuration files (properties files, most often) in the Nucleus configuration tree. Some services are meant to be used by multiple applications, and are thus instantiated once in a well-known place. For example, the Scheduler service is used by many applications, and is instantiated as part of the standard Oracle ATG Web Commerce server configuration. Other services are instantiated and configured differently for different applications, sometimes creating many instances for the same application. And finally, other services are not instantiated at all, but instead are extended by subclasses, which should then be instantiated.

In this chapter

This chapter describes the following Oracle ATG Web Commerce services: