The atg.sitemap.SitemapWriterService class writes sitemaps and sitemap indexes out to XML files. The Oracle ATG Web Commerce platform includes a component of this class, /atg/sitemap/SitemapWriterService. Typically you need to run a component of this class on each page-serving Oracle ATG Web Commerce instance in your production environment.

To configure a SitemapWriterService component, set the following properties:




The repository that stores the sitemaps and the sitemap index. This should be set to /atg/sitemap/SitemapRepository.


A component that maps properties in the SitemapRepository to the names used in Java code. This should be set to /atg/sitemap/SitemapPropertiesManager.


A component with a utility methods for looking up and modifying items in SitemapRepository. This should be set to /atg/sitemap/SitemapTools.


The operating-system pathname of the deployed WAR file that the sitemap is generated for; for example:


The SitemapWriterService writes sitemaps files to the top-level directory of the web application, as recommended by

In addition to these sitemap-related properties, SitemapWriterService also has several properties it inherits from atg.service.scheduler.SingletonSchedulableService. See Invoking Sitemap Generation and Writing for more information.