The atg/dynamo/service/loggingScreenLog component lets you see shortened versions of logging information, in this form:

[type] time ComponentName Message

For example:

[i] 01:13:00 MBeanServer  MBeanServer, MBeanServer is running.

In the preceding example, [i] means info. Only the short hh:mm:ss time format is shown, with no date, and only the component name (MBeanServer) is shown.

The first time a component appears in the log, the log prints out a name mapping, identified by a [k], denoting a key message:

[k] MBeanServer --> /atg/dynamo/service/management/MBeanServer
[i] 01:13:00 MBeanServer  MBeanServer, MBeanServer is running.

If there are multiple components with the same name at different paths (such as is the case with MBeanServer), the terse logger differentiates them like this:

[k] MBeanServer(2) --> /atg/management/MBeanServer
[i] 01:13:10 MBeanServer(2)  MBeanServerService started: domain = Dynamo

To use this feature, set the terse property on the /atg/dynamo/service/logging/ScreenLog component to true.

Note: You should use terse logging only during development, as fragments of terse logs do not contain complete component path and date information.