CookieBufferServlet maintains a FIFO queue of cookies in a cookie buffer. When a cookie object is added to the CookieBuffer, it tries to add the cookie to the current HTTP response header. In the next HTTP request, the cookies in the buffer are verified against the cookies returned to the server from the browser. Cookies in the buffer that were properly added to the browser are removed from the buffer. Cookies that were not added to the browser are added back into the HTTP response header.

The API to add cookies to the cookie buffer is found in:

atg.servlet.DynamoHttpServletResponse.addCookieToBuffer(Cookie pCookie)

You can configure this servlet with the following properties:




The number of times the servlet tries to add a queued cookie to the HTTP response header before discarding the cookie.


Determines whether a cookie should be re-queued if it was successfully added to the HTTP response header, but not returned in the subsequent HTTP request—that is, the browser disables cookies.


Registers event listeners that implement the interface atg.servlet.http.CookieBufferListener.