The standard request handling pipeline configuration for an Oracle ATG Web Commerce server comprises various servlet pipeline components that perform various operations on each request. The servlets included in the pipeline vary according to the modules that are assembled into the application.

The following graphic provides a truncated view of the servlet pipeline as it might be assembled for an application that includes Oracle ATG Web Commerce, and enabled for multisite. The main pipeline includes standard platform servlets. The Oracle ATG Web Commerce and Oracle ATG Web Commerce Search modules insert their servlets at different points on the main pipeline as required:

You can use the ATG Dynamo Server Admin Component Browser to view request handling pipeline servlets and their sequence within the pipeline:

The following table lists servlets according to their likely order in a production server’s request handling pipeline. The servlets actually contained in a given request handling pipeline and their order is likely to vary, depending on the application.

For detailed information about these and other available servlets, see Appendix E, Request Handling Pipeline Servlets Reference.