When you call the DynamicBeans.getPropertyValue() method, the Oracle ATG Web Commerce platform first looks for a DynamicPropertyMapper registered for the class. If there is no other applicable DynamicPropertyMapper, the Oracle ATG Web Commerce platform uses the default DynamicPropertyMapper (registered for the java.lang.Object class) that treats its beans as regular JavaBeans, using Introspection to determine the dynamic properties and meta-data. Objects that have no other DynamicPropertyMapper registered default to this DynamicPropertyMapper and have dynamic properties that correspond one-to-one with their non-dynamic JavaBeans properties. This is a convenient way to manipulate regular JavaBeans easily without knowing their class in advance.

Here are some examples of how you can use the DynamicBeans.getPropertyValue() method to look up JavaBean properties:

Likewise, you can invoke lookup methods like those in these three previous examples, using <dsp:valueof> tags in JSPs:

<dsp:valueof bean="CurrentDate.timeAsDate.month"/>
<dsp:valueof bean="/OriginatingRequest.month"/>
<dsp:valueof bean="Profile.month"/>