The pathPatternPrefixes property specifies the directory patterns in which the identifiers are used. The pathPatternPrefixes property is a list of patterns, each representing a prefix that is looked for at the beginning of a URL document path. The pattern strings are in Java MessageFormat pattern string format. The pattern string argument fields map directly to the mapping identifiers used in the encodingMappings property as follows:

{0} = Identifier1
{1} = Identifier2
{2} = Identifier3
{3} = Identifier4

The following displays three possible configurations of the pathPatternPrefixes property. These examples correspond with Examples A, B, and C in the EncodingMappings Property topic:




The third example uses two patterns. This is because there are two sets of patterns in the respective mapping. One set of patterns uses two identifiers and one set of patterns uses three identifiers. In order for a pattern to match a relative document path, all identifiers in the mapping must be found in the pattern. In Example C, the relative document path /ja_JP/... does not map to the Shift-JIS encoding (SJIS) because the path contains only two of the identifiers, and this example requires three identifiers in order to specify the correct Japanese encoding for the user’s platform.