In order to internationalize a web site’s ResourceBundle logs and user messages, you must copy, rename, and translate the files. These files must be renamed according to the Java naming conventions to enable ResourceBundle inheritance.

For translation instructions, see ResourceBundle Translation Instructions. For information on ResourceBundle inheritance see ResourceBundle Inheritance.

Preparing ResourceBundles for Internationalization

Each file should contain comments, which are formed by lines with either a # or ! as the first character. Each property’s comments should describe whether the property affects user messages, developer messages, or log messages. These comments should also mark certain properties that should not be translated.

An internationalized Oracle ATG Web Commerce web site uses the Java ResourceBundle class to dynamically display the appropriate ResourceBundle object. The Java ResourceBundle naming guidelines stipulate that each file must designate a locale in the file name, which must be in the following format: basename_language_country_variant. The language suffix is required, and the variant and country suffixes are optional.

In order to fully internationalize a web site, each user message file must be copied and renamed with the appropriate language, country, and variant suffixes. For example you can copy the ResourceBundle and rename it for the fr_FR locale.

The following displays an example of ResourceBundles with the basename DynamoBundle for five locales:

Each user message file should be translated according to the guidelines in the ResourceBundle Translation Instructions section in this chapter. In addition, any references to other .properties files, JSP files, HTML files, GIF files, and other media files should be changed to reflect the names of new files.

Note the following:

  • You must perform an ASCII conversion to Escaped Unicode for all translated ResourceBundle files that contain non-Latin 1 fonts or non-Unicode characters (including single-byte character sets). For more information, see Converting Properties Files to Escaped Unicode.

  • Make sure that the internationalized ResourceBundles are referenced in the Oracle ATG Web Commerce CLASSPATH.