To improve the readability of logged output, you can configure certain properties in the log listener component. The following table shows the properties that you can set on components of these classes:





Boolean, determines whether to show the entire stack trace. This option is typically set to false only in development environments. Set to true for production environments, in order to prevent excessive log file growth.

Note: If set to true, sure to set maxLinesInStackTrace to a value that provides enough information to troubleshoot potential problems—in general, 100 or greater.

Default: false


If cropStrackTrace is set to true, sets the maximum number of lines to log when a log event occurs that contains a Java exception.


Boolean, determines whether to prepend the logging prefix (date and component name) to each line of logging output for multi-line log messages.

You can configure the values of these properties in each of the following log listener components:

/atg/dynamo/service/logging/{DebugLog, ErrorLog, InfoLog, WarningLog, ScreenLog}

The default value for cropStackTrace is true. The default value for maxLinesInStackTrace is 10. The default value for prefixEachLine is true.