There are three ways to invoke the SitemapGeneratorService and SitemapWriterService:

After you generate and write out your sitemaps, you must submit them to search engines for indexing. For more information, see


The SitemapGeneratorService and the SitemapWriterService classes both extend atg.service.scheduler.SingletonSchedulableService, so you can schedule components of these classes to run automatically at specified times or intervals. Because these are singleton services, only one instance of each class can run on your Oracle ATG Web Commerce environment at any given time.

In general, you need to run the SitemapGeneratorService only after your site is updated. If your site is updated frequently, you might want to configure the service to run once a day at a time when site activity is low. If your site is updated infrequently, rather than scheduling the service, you can invoke it manually through ATG Dynamo Server Admin or configure a deployment listener to run the service after a CA deployment.

The SitemapWriterService, on the other hand, can be configured to run frequently. When this service starts up, it checks when the SitemapRepository was last modified. If the repository has been modified since the SitemapWriterService last ran, the service runs and writes out the updated sitemaps. If the repository has not been modified since the service last ran, it immediately shuts down.

This mechanism ensures that the SitemapWriterService runs only if the site has actually changed, and that (assuming the SitemapWriterService is scheduled to run frequently) there is never a long delay between running the SitemapGeneratorService and running the SitemapWriterService. Also, running the SitemapWriterService on a schedule (rather than invoking it manually) is desirable because you need to run a separate instance of this service on each page-serving Oracle ATG Web Commerce instance in your production environment (unlike the SitemapGeneratorService, which can run on a single Oracle ATG Web Commerce instance).

To configure the SitemapGeneratorService or the SitemapWriterService to run automatically, you set various scheduling and locking properties. See the ATG Platform Programming Guide for information about configuring schedulable services.

Configuring a Deployment Listener

The PublishingAgent.base module includes a deployment listener that can trigger the SitemapGeneratorService to run after a CA deployment. This component is /atg/epub/SitemapGeneratorPolicy, and by default it is configured like this:



To enable this component, set the active property to true.

Manual Invocation through ATG Dynamo Server Admin

You can invoke the SitemapGeneratorService or the SitemapWriterService manually though ATG Dynamo Server Admin. The top-level page has a Sitemap Administration link that takes you to a page with Generate Sitemaps and Write Sitemaps links.

By default, the Generate Sitemaps link invokes /atg/sitemap/SitemapGeneratorService, and the Write Sitemaps link invokes /atg/sitemap/SitemapWriterService. To configure these links to invoke different components, change the values of the sitemapGeneratorService and sitemapWriterService properties of /atg/sitemap/SitemapGeneratorFormHandler.