Data sharing is central to a multisite environment, and is enabled through site groups. Each site group contains multiple sites that share a common resource—for example, two affiliated sites that share a shopping cart. When you define a site group in Site Administration, you must specify the resources that its member sites share. The shared resources can be Nucleus components, non-Nucleus Java objects, and other resources.

ShareableType Components

A site group can share any resources that are referenced by a ShareableType. A ShareableType is a globally scoped Nucleus component that is created from the class atg.multisite.ShareableType or an extension. The Oracle ATG Web Commerce installation provides the subclass atg.multisite.NucleusComponentShareableType. A component of this class can reference any Nucleus components that support data sharing.

You must register all ShareableType components with the globally scoped component /atg/multisite/SiteGroupManager, through its shareableTypes property. The SiteGroupManager keeps track of all site groups and their ShareableType components.