You must configure the following RequestLocale properties when you are configuring your site’s supported request locales. See Using the EncodingTyper to Set the Character Encoding for information on configuring components related to the RequestLocale component. For information on additional RequestLocale properties that do not require configuration, see the Additional RequestLocale Properties section.


If a locale cannot be determined for the session from any other source, this is the locale that is used. This property must be configured.


This property should be configured only if the Oracle ATG Web Commerce server is serving visitor content for a single locale that is different from the server locale. In this case, all sessions can use the same request locale. Setting this property to the single locale of the site can improve performance because it avoids the processing time of discerning the request locale. All request locales are set to this value.


When this property is set to false, HTTP headers are not checked to see if the ACCEPT-LANGUAGE and ACCEPT_CHARSET fields changed. A user does not commonly change these browser options in mid-session. Therefore, for performance reasons, the default value for this property is false.


The language in a request’s ACCEPT-LANGUAGE HTTP header field might not be one of the site’s supported request locales. Setting the validLocaleNames property to the list of locales associated with the site’s content languages prevents a request locale from being created for a locale that is not supported by the site.