As discussed in the Nucleus-Based Application Structures section of the Developing and Assembling Nucleus-Based Applications chapter, each EAR file assembled by the runAssembler command includes a web application named atg_bootstrap.war. This module’s web.xml file includes the tags necessary to configure the application to run an instance of Nucleus. This Nucleus instance is then available to any other web applications in the EAR file.

In addition to atg_bootstrap.war, the EAR file typically includes one or more web applications that actually run your site. For example, the QuincyFunds.ear file includes a web application named quincy.war that runs the demo site. This application uses Nucleus components that implement Oracle ATG Web Commerce’s personalization features and are accessed in the application’s JSPs through the DSP tag libraries (described in the ATG Page Developer's Guide).

This chapter describes how you can access Nucleus in web applications by adding the necessary entries to the web application’s web.xml deployment descriptor. For general information about web.xml files, see the J2EE specifications.

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