If you have a single instance of DistributorSender, it can form a performance bottleneck. To avoid this problem, you can configure a resource pool of DistributorSender components. Oracle ATG Web Commerce provides a class for this purpose: atg.distributor.SenderResourcePool. It is a resource pool that pools TCP/IP connections to the DistributorServer components. Like other resource pools, you can configure the minimum and maximum size of a DistributorPool. (See Resource Pools in the Core ATG Services chapter.) The default maximum size is 10, but you might need to increase that, depending on the load served by your Oracle ATG Web Commerce application. An instance of a DistributorPool exists in ATG Commerce at /atg/commerce/Catalog/ContentDistributorPool.

The DistributorPool also has the following properties that you might want to configure:

Property Name



When a file is sent, should it also be cached locally? See RemoteServerCache.

Default is true


The repository item property to use in generating a file name for a content item. See Generating a File Name for more details.


Create any directories that do not already exist in the remote cache.

Default is true


The local document root.


If you want to store documents in a subdirectory of the document root. For example: