The transactionSize property controls the way the SQL table logger batches its database operations. The default value, 0 is in effect infinity; it means that each flush occurs in a single database transaction, no matter how many rows of data are inserted. This might be undesirable if the flush has a lot of data to store. By setting this property, you can tell the SQL table logger to batch its INSERT operations into chunks that are as big as the transactionSize setting. So, for example if you set the transactionSize property to 20, when the SQL table logger flushes its data, it commits after every 20 rows. The SQL table logger always commits after the last row regardless of the transactionSize setting.

The best value for this property depends on the size and number of data items you are logging. Because a data item can be any object of any size you might have to experiment with this property to see what works best for your site. A good starting value might be 100.