You can also run the DistributorSender from a command line. This can be helpful in testing and development. The DistributorSender command uses this syntax:

javan ATG.distributor.DistributorSender -<arguments>

The DistributorSender command takes the following arguments:



-put filepathfilepath

Send the named files, using the put command.

-docroot path

The local document root from which to get the files.

-doccache path

The local document cache.

-hosts host:porthost:port

The host names and port numbers of the DistributorServer components to connect to.


Sends test files to verify that connections can be made. See Test Argument.

Test Argument

When you start the DistributorSender with the -test option, the sender should output something similar to this:

sending file: name="distributortest_0.tst";size="890"
sending file: name="distributortest_1.tst";size="890"
sending file: name="distributortest_2.tst";size="890"
sending file: name="distributortest_3.tst";size="890"
sending file: name="distributortest_4.tst";size="890"
Sending files took 139 msec

The DistributorSender sends five distributortest_#.tst files to the remote servers. Each file is 890 bytes long, and contains 100 lines of text consisting of the word Line and the line number, like this:

Line: 0
Line: 1
Line: 2