Take great care when translating text within <param > tags. In some cases, text within <param> tags should be translated; in other cases, it should not.


In the following JSP example, the value text should be translated.

<dsp:include page="header.jsp">
   <dsp:param name="storename" value="Text to translate"/>


The values associated with each key value should be translated.


No text should be translated, because the <param> value is defined as a bean property, as shown in the following example:

<dsp:param bean="SurveyBean.formError" name="value"/>

Embedding within anchor Tags

In the following example, the <param> tag is nested within an anchor tag. In this case, the <param> value should be translated. In addition, the text between the <a href></a> tags should be translated.

<dsp:a href="rainbow.jsp">
  <dsp:param name="position" value="Text to translate"/>
    Text to translate

For more information on <param> tags, refer to the ATG Page Developer's Guide