You designate the Nucleus components that can be shared by site groups through a NucleusComponentShareableType. This component is created from the class atg.multisite.NucleusComponentShareableType, which extends atg.multisite.ShareableType.

To designate Nucleus components as available for sharing:

ATG Commerce provides a ShoppingCartShareableType component. By default, this component’s paths property is set to two installed components:


This setting enables use of a shopping cart and product comparison list as components that are shared by member sites of any given site group. When you configure your multisite environment, you register the ShoppingCartShareableType component with the SiteGroupManager by setting its shareableTypes property as follows:


After registering a ShoppingCartShareableType, you can define site groups whose member sites share a ShoppingCart component and a ProductList component. For detailed information about defining site groups, see the ATG Multisite Administration Guide.

Making Nucleus Components Shareable

The Oracle ATG Web Commerce installation provides two Nucleus components that can be shared by a site group:

If desired, you can make other Nucleus components shareable. Keep in mind that the component’s state might depend on other components or data that must be configured correctly for sharing; otherwise, the component is liable to exhibit unexpected behavior across different sites.

In general, the following guidelines and constraints apply:

Note: It might be difficult to ascertain and modify all dependencies for an installed Nucleus component in order to make it shareable; doing so might require major changes to Oracle ATG Web Commerce code. Repository data dependencies can be especially difficult to determine.