Oracle ATG Web Commerce includes three different systems for sending, receiving, and recording messages generated by components: Logging, Data Collection, and Recorders. Oracle ATG Web Commerce Logging provides a convenient way to log system messages. Any component that extends the GenericService class or implements the ApplicationLogging interface can send LogEvents that are received by log listeners and logged to a flat file. The logging system can log only text messages and exceptions.

Like Logging, Data Collection is based on the Java event model. But Data Collection lets you record data contained in any JavaBean (not just subclasses of LogEvent). Therefore, your choice of Beans to use as data items is not restricted. In addition, Data Collection provides in-memory summarization, which makes it suitable for handling the data needs of more demanding applications.

Recorders collect data through a combination of scenario events, mappers, and datasets.

Note: If you are running the DSS module, use recorders rather than the Data Collection techniques described in this chapter. See the ATG Personalization Programming Guide for more information.

In this chapter

This chapter includes the following sections:

  • ATG Logging: Oracle ATG Web Commerce’s message logging system, based on the atg.nucleus.logging API.

  • Data Collection Sources and Events: Data collection begins with a data collection source, which can be any JavaBean with a dataListeners property. Events are generated by data sources and sent to data listeners.

  • Data Listeners: Data collection events are received by data listeners, which then process them.

  • Formatting File Loggers: A type of data listener that logs data to a file.

  • Database Loggers: A type of data listener that logs data to a database.

  • Data Collector Queues: A type of data listener that stores data in a queue, before flushing it to another data listener.

  • Summarizers: A type of data listener that accumulates data events and passes a summary of the data to another data listener.