To be able to administer your application through ATG Dynamo Server Admin, you must specify the DafEar.Admin module when you run the application assembler. For example:

runAssembler QuincyFunds.ear –m DSSJ2EEDemo DafEar.Admin

Note: The DafEar.Admin module must precede any custom modules that are included in the module list.

The ATG Dynamo Server Admin user interface is included in the EAR file as a web application, atg_admin.war. This WAR file includes all pages that comprise ATG Dynamo Server Admin . Its web.xml file declares a NucleusProxyServlet that points to the Nucleus component /atg/dynamo/servlet/adminpipeline/AdminHandler:



In this configuration, the ContextPath is /dyn and the ServletPath is /admin, so the URL for accessing the ATG Dynamo Server Admin server is:


To access ATG Dynamo Server Admin, use the listen port for your application server. For example, if an Oracle ATG Web Commerce application runs on JBoss with a listen port of 8080, you can access ATG Dynamo Server Admin on your machine at http://localhost:8080/dyn/admin.

Note: Your database must be running in order for you to use the Administration UI. If necessary, you can override this requirement by copying /atg/dynamo/security/ from the <ATG10dir>\DAS\config\config.jar file to <ATG10dir>\home\localconfig\atg\dynamo\security.