The Java compiler and other Java tools can process only files that contain Latin-1 and/or Unicode-encoded (\uddd notation) characters. To view a .properties file that contains non-Latin-1 font characters, you must convert the .properties file into a format that the ATG Control Center can read and process. In order to convert the .properties file to the appropriate format, you must run the file through the Java Native-to-ASCII Converter (native2ascii). This utility is supplied with your version of the JDK, and it converts the non-Latin font characters into escaped Unicode in the format \uxxxx.

For example, the file contains Japanese characters. To convert the file into a file in escaped Unicode, run the following command:


If the JDK is properly installed, you should be able to run this command from any directory.

Note: All .properties files, including files, must be run through the Native-to-ASCII Converter if they contain non-Latin 1 fonts or non-Unicode characters. You should run the Native-to-ASCII Converter on each file or group of files as you test the internationalization of your site. If you do not run the Converter, your internationalization changes do not appear in the ATG Control Center.