The DAF deployment architecture lets you deploy from a single Oracle ATG Web Commerce server to multiple sites, including multiple sites on a single target. To do so, follow the steps in Setting Up DAF deployment for a Single Oracle ATG Web Commerce Server, creating corresponding repositories on the target server or servers for each repository that you want to deploy from the Oracle ATG Web Commerce server. For data that you do not want to deploy to a particular site or target, do not set up a matching repository on the target. The data is not deployed if no matching repository exists.

Any repositories that have data dependencies—for example, items that have links to other assets—must be deployed together.

The following diagram shows two target sites that have different data supplied by a single Oracle ATG Web Commerce server instance: Production Site 1 and Production Site 2. On Production Site 1, there is no matching repository for the Repository C that is configured on the source, so this target site does not receive Repository C data. Similarly, Repository A is not configured on Production Site 2, so this target does not receive data for Repository A.