Oracle ATG Web Commerce comes with a standard component of type SMTPEmailSender, located at /atg/dynamo/service/SMTPEmail. You can send your email messages to the SMTPEmail component, or you can create your own emailer component.

You can configure the SMTPEmail component to define several default properties—for example, for From, Recipients, and Subject. If one of these default properties is set, the default is used in when the corresponding property is not set in the EmailEvent. The defaultBody property is an exception—if the defaultBody property is set, that defaultBody is prepended to all email messages, whether they specify a body or not.

Note: The defaultFrom and charSet properties must be set to ASCII values. SMTPEmail cannot send email if either of these properties has a non-ASCII value.

The emailHandlerHostName and the emailHandlerPort properties should be set to the name of the host (usually remote) that sends the email, and the port number it uses. The default value for emailHandlerHostName is localhost, and the default value for emailHandlerPort is 25.

Some SMTP servers require authentication. If your SMTP server requires authentication, set the values of the username and password properties of the SMTPEmail component to the username and password for the account it uses to send email.

You might want to increase the waitForConnectionMillis property to reduce timeouts; the default is 5 seconds. To increase the setting, modify the waitForConnectionMillis property in <ATG10dir>/home/localconfig/ For example: