You must set the defaultEncoding property for any internationalized web site that is serving non-ASCII content. If the site is a single-locale site that is using only the ASCII encoding, it is best to leave the defaultEncoding property set to null. This setting allows for faster processing because conversion to UTF-8 is not performed.

If you are setting up an internationalized web site where one non-ASCII encoded content is served, which might or might not be different from the encoding of the server locale, the EncodingTyper simply requires configuration of the defaultEncoding property. Set this property to the encoding that you want your site to display by default. In this case, you do not have to define values for the encodingMappings and pathPatternPrefixes properties (see below).

If you are designing a site with multiple supported request locales, the defaultEncoding, encodingMappings, and pathPatternPrefixes properties must all be configured.

It is recommended that for internationalized web sites using IDN, your application server should be set to use UTF-8 for URL encoding. Refer to your web application documentation for instructions on setting URL encoding.