When using JavaMail Message objects to send email, you must specify the MIME type of the message content. Oracle ATG Web Commerce provides support for sending messages with content type of text/plain and text/html. If you need to send content that has some other MIME type, you must first register your content type with the JavaBeans Activation Framework (JAF), which JavaMail uses to handle message content.

For example, suppose you’d like to send messages with a MIME type of application/x-foobar. To do this, you must provide an implementation of javax.activation.DataContentHandler for your MIME type, say FoobarDataContentHandler. You must then create a mapping between the MIME type application/x-foobar and FoobarDataContentHandler, so that JAF can use it.

One general way to register a DataContentHandler with JAF is to provide a mailcap file with the appropriate content handler entry in it. Another way, which is Oracle ATG Web Commerce-specific but perhaps more convenient, is to configure the /atg/dynamo/service/DataContentHandlerRegistry component to know about your content type and the associated handler. The dataContentHandlerMap property of the DataContentHandlerRegistry contains a list of mappings between MIME types and the associated DataContentHandler class names. To register a new MIME type, simply add a mapping as follows:


See the API documentation for the javax.activation package or the Oracle Web site for more information about JAF.