This section describes the additional steps you need to complete to set up DAF deployment for environments where you want to increase performance by using multiple servers to perform the deployment.

Note: Unless you use Oracle ATG Web Commerce Content Administration, you cannot deploy different data from multiple Oracle ATG Web Commerce servers clusters to a single target. The multiple server setup described here applies only for situations where multiple servers are used as a single cluster to deploy the same data. For information about configuring deployment from multiple server clusters, see the ATG Content Administration Programming Guide.

  1. Set up a server lock manager and a client lock manager for the Oracle ATG Web Commerce server cluster (as for any other multi-server Oracle ATG Web Commerce configuration). For information, refer to the ATG Installation and Configuration Guide.

  2. On each instance in the Oracle ATG Web Commerce server cluster, set the /atg/dynamo/service/ file to have serverName and drpPort properties that are unique for each instance in the cluster. For example, server A might be set as follows:


    Server B might be set with distinct values, as follows:


Caution: Do not run the DAF.Deployment module on any server that is used as a standalone lock manager. Doing so causes the lock manager to attempt to deploy items, and the deployment deadlocks as a result.