In addition to specifying a class name, the $class property in a properties file can be used to define an instance of a serialized JavaBean. A serialized JavaBean can be obtained from an IDE tool; you can also create one with the ObjectOutputStream class. These files have a .ser suffix, and are stored in the CLASSPATH.

The value of the $class attribute should be a name of the form x.y. This first looks for a file x/y.ser in your CLASSPATH. If that file does not exist, Nucleus loads the class x.y. Nucleus uses the standard JavaBean utility method Beans.instantiate to implement this feature.

If you do not use any serialized JavaBeans, you can improve performance by disabling checks for .ser files. To disable checking, set the checkForSerFiles property of the top-level Nucleus component to false. For example, your <ATG10dir>/home/localconfig/ might include this setting: