When designing an internationalized Oracle ATG Web Commerce web site, you can use the Java ResourceBundle class of the java.util.* package and store messages as .properties files in ResourceBundles. Each message ResourceBundle is a Dictionary that maps an identifying key to a text message. ResourceBundle objects can be used to store the following types of information: globally scoped user messages, server-side exception messages, log messages, and session/request-scoped user messages.

Note: If you store a session-scoped or request-scoped message in a ResourceBundle, you should be careful not to store this ResourceBundle in static member variables.

You can also store session-scoped or request-scoped user messages in JSPs rather than in ResourceBundles. This behavior is useful because content pages are easily accessible to web designers. For information on storing user messages in content pages, see Creating Locale-Specific Content Pages in this chapter.

This section provides an overview of ResourceBundle objects in the following topics: