When SessionEventTrigger receives a request, it determines whether the session is new. For new sessions, SessionEventTrigger fires a StartSession event.

SessionEventTrigger registers itself as a listener in the SessionManager nameContextBindingListeners property so it is among the list of listeners alerted when the session expires. After SessionEventTrigger detects an expired session, it fires a EndSession event.

SessionEventTrigger is also responsible for firing ReferrerEvents. SessionEventTrigger checks the request for the referer parameter that is set by the browser when a user clicks a link. The referer is set to a URL for the page where the request is initiated: it might be set to a relative path, a portion of the URL or the URL in its entirety. When referer is populated with a non-null value, SessionEventTrigger fires an event.

For information on StartSession, EndSession, and ReferrerEvents, see the ATG Personalization Programming Guide.