The Oracle ATG Web Commerce content distributor system can be used with an SQL Content Repository that stores both its content and its metadata in an SQL database. Note, however, that the content distributor system cannot be used with a repository that stores any information on a file system, such as an SQL/File System Connector.

The putFile operation of a DistributorSender returns a URL that can be used to access content repository items. AN SQL Content Repository can define user-defined properties of type atg.distributor.DistributorPropertyDescriptor. You can then use this property to get the URL of a repository item and use the URL to fetch the content of the item.

So, for example, you might have a repository item type named product. You can fetch and display its URL in a link like this:

<a href="param:product.template.url">link text here</a>

Here is an example of how you might set up a property of type DistributorPropertyDescriptor. You might define a property like this in an SQL Content Repository’s repository Definition file:

<property name="url" data-type="string"
  <attribute name="poolPath"

This tag defines a property named url. Its type is defined by the property-type attribute. The <attribute> tag gives the Nucleus address of a DistributorPool component to use in fetching the content item. If you want to use a single DistributorSender instance, rather than a DistributorPool, you use an <attribute> tag like this:

<attribute name="senderPath" value="/nucleus/path/to/DistributorSender"/>