The DistributorSender is an instance of atg.distributor.DistributorSender. It opens connections to each host in its serverList property. The DistributorSender has the following properties that you might want to configure:

Property Name



A comma-separated list of hosts of DistributorServer components. Include an entry for each HTTP server in your site.


When a file is sent, should it also be cached locally?

Default is true


The local document root.


The directory in the remote HTTP server’s document root that should be used to store all the cached content. For example if the remote HTTP server’s document root is at /work/www/doc and documentRootCachePath is set to DIST_CONTENT then the DistributerReceiver creates a directory named /work/www/doc/DIST_CONTENT to hold cached content sent by the DistributorSender.


Create any directories that do not already exist in the remote cache.

Default is true


The repository item property to use in generating a file name for a content item. See Generating a File Name for more details.


A local cache of items that the DistributorSender has sent to the remote servers. See RemoteServerCache.


If the DistributorSender fails to connect, it tries again after this interval.

Default is 120000 milliseconds, or 2 minutes.