In order to use custom ATG servlet beans with the ATG Control Center, the following requirements apply:

The BeanInfo file describes the servlet bean’s parameters to the ATG Control Center. The ATG Control Center uses this information to provide guidelines for the parameters you need to set to make the servlet bean work properly. The ATG Control Center does not guarantee that these parameters are present or that they have values with the correct types. It is still up to the servlet bean to validate its input parameters. The ATG Control Center also uses the BeanInfo as a source of the information displayed in the servlet bean’s information panel in the ATG Control Center Components editor.

A BeanInfo is a standard Java Beans mechanism through which a Java Bean can describe information about the features that it exposes—for example, its properties and events. ATG servlet beans extend this notion to include parameter descriptors that specify information about the parameters that the servlet bean uses in a JSP. If you do not explicitly create a BeanInfo class for your Java bean, a BeanInfo is generated for you by the Java Beans Introspector. When you do build a BeanInfo for a custom ATG servlet bean, it must describe all features of your Java Bean. You need to add descriptors for each property and event you want your bean to expose. For more information about how to construct a BeanInfo, see the JSDK documentation for Java Beans at <JSDK_dir>/jdoc/java/beans/BeanInfo.html. The next section describes how to augment a BeanInfo with ParameterDescriptors to describe servlet bean parameters.