You must set up your InitialContextEnvironment component so that it specifies the JNDI environment properties used to connect to the LDAP repository.

Note: You must edit the file manually instead of through the ATG Control Center.

Set the following values in your file, which is in the following directory:

Active Directory


Oracle Directory Server





URL of your LDAP server.

Default value: ldap://localhost:389


Authentication mechanism for the provider to use. Choose one of the following mechanisms:

simple: weak authentication (cleartext password)

CRAM-MD5: CRAM-MD5 (RFC-2195) SASL mechanism

none: no authentication (anonymous)

Default value: simple


Identity of the principal to be authenticated, in the form of a distinguished name (DN). This identity is the Root DN’s full common name (CN). For information about determining the DN, see your server’s documentation.

For example:

For Active Directory:

For Oracle Directory Server:
CN=Directory Manager

Tip: For Active Directory, you can use Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI) to determine the full common name. For more information about ADSI, see the Microsoft web site.

Default value: RootDN


Credentials of principal to be authenticated; this is the Root DN’s password.

Default value: password