After invoking NucleusServlet, the web container calls PageFilter filter, which starts execution of the request-handling pipeline for JSP requests by calling the pipeline’s first servlet, /atg/dynamo/servlet/dafpipeline/DynamoHandler. This servlet generates a DynamoHTTPServletRequest that wraps the generic HTTPServletRequest so pipeline servlets can read information from the request and also modify it. A matching DynamoHTTPServletResponse is also generated. DynamoHandler passes the Dynamo request/response pair to the next servlet in the request-handling pipeline.

For more information, see Request Handling with Servlet Pipelines.

To include PageFilter in web.xml:

  • Insert the filter name and class name in enclosing <filter> tags.

  • Map the filter to either a directory holding JSPs or the .jsp extension. This information is included in enclosing <filter-mapping> tags.

For example: