Manage Custom Plug-ins

You can upload, download, search for, and delete custom plug-ins. Plug-ins are custom visualization types or custom data actions that you create externally and then import into your system.

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For example, you can upload a custom plug-in that provides a visualization type that you can use in workbooks.
  1. On the Home page, click the Navigator, and then click Console.
  2. Click Extensions.

    You use this page to upload, search for, delete, or download a custom plug-in.

  3. To upload a custom plug-in, click Extension and perform one of the following actions.
    • Browse to the required plug-in file in your file system, and click Open to select the plug-in.
    • Drag the required plug-in file to the Upload Custom Plugin object.

    If the uploaded custom plug-in file name is the same as an existing custom plug-in, then the uploaded file replaces the existing one and is displayed in visualizations.

  4. Perform any of the following tasks.
    • If the plug-in provides a visualization type, you can select that type from the list of available types when you create or switch the type of a visualization.
    • To search for a custom plug-in, enter your search criteria in the Search field and click Return to display search results.
    • To delete a custom plug-in, click Options on the custom plug-in and select Delete, and click Yes to delete the custom plug-in.

      If you delete a custom visualization type that’s used in a workbook, then that workbook displays an error message in place of the visualization. Either click Delete to remove the visualization, or upload the same custom plug-in so that the visualization renders correctly.

    • To download a custom plug-in, click Options on the custom plug-in and select Download.