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Sun Rack II Power Distribution Units User's Guide

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Updated: September 2020

PDU Overview

There are three types of PDUs available for the Sun Rack II cabinets: original PDUs and enhanced PDUs, which are standard PDUs, and compact PDUs. You can install up to two standard PDUs in one Sun Rack II cabinet, and you can install up to six of the much smaller compact PDUs into one Sun Rack II cabinet.

The original PDU metering unit allows you two ways to monitor the current being used by equipment connected to a standard PDU. You can monitor the current in person by viewing the LCD screen on the PDU itself or the Current Measurement page using HTML interface.

For enhanced PDUs, there are four ways you can monitor how much power, energy and current the equipment attached to the PDU uses, as well as the voltage level powering the equipment, the PDU's LCD screen, the Monitoring Overview page using HTML interface, the RS-232 interface, or the SSH interface.

Figure 1  Standard PDU and Compact PDU Compared

image:Figure showing a standard PDU and a compact PDU.

The are two types of standard PDUs, based on geography.

Table 1  PDUs Types
Phase Type
Low-voltage, single-phase
High-voltage, three-phase
Original PDU/
Enhanced PDU
Low-voltage, single-phase
Low-voltage, three-phase
High-voltage, single-phase
High-voltage, three-phase
N & S America, Japan, & Taiwan
N & S America, Japan, & Taiwan